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importing preconfigured C7000 into new Oneview

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importing preconfigured C7000 into new Oneview

Hello Everybody,

I have a c7000 that is currently not managed by anyOneview, but only OA and VC.

it has server profiles already set up and San fabrics connected to storage already. VMware runs on it with VM's currently running.

I am looking to setup Oneview and import this c7000 into oneview but I want to know if that is going to remove the server profiles and the san fabrics. making me reconfigure all of that or if it will import that stuff with it?


please help

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Re: importing preconfigured C7000 into new Oneview

Take a look at the document "Transitioning a Virtual Connect configuration to HPE OneView":


Which says: . "HPE OneView 3.00 introduced support for in-service migrations. This allows servers to remain powered on during the migration from Virtual Connect Manager to HPE OneView management. "

This migration process should re-create the profiles, etc, in OneView.

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Re: importing preconfigured C7000 into new Oneview

We have imported two dozen enclosures from VCEM/VC to OneView and yes, OneView will migrate your server profiles, Enets and SAN fabrics when you import for MANAGEMENT. If you only want to MONITOR then VC retains control/ownership.  Along with the transition guide already referenced, we also needed to be aware of a few other things:

- ensure you have proper licensing added to OneView - 1 OneView Advanced license required per SERVER. iLO Advanced licenses also required

- to keep your OneView console clean after the migration - remove any unused Enets from VC in advance

- set the 'Hide Unused NICs' setting on your server profiles (i believe this requires a reboot) 

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Re: importing preconfigured C7000 into new Oneview