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OneView Upgrade path

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OneView Upgrade path

Please could someone help me confirm our upgrade path:

We are on 4.10.05 and want to go to latest which I believe is 5.00.02
Seems to suggest you can upgrade 4.10.04 to
Presumably this also applies to 4.10.05 ?

Or should we be going to first then to 5.00.02 ?

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Re: OneView Upgrade path

@R-G  regarding an upgrade from 4.10.05 to 5.x, you are correct that the 4.10.05 version does not appear on the upgrade matrix you linked, but according to the  Release Notes for OneView 5.0 it states "HPE OneView may only be updated directly to version 5.0 from version 4.10.03 or later" which would include your 4.10.05 version.

In fact, the upgrade matrix is incomplete because it does not list either 4.10.05 or on the y-axis as a source "starting version", but even more importantly the matrix indicates that only versions 4.20.0x can upgrade directly to the latest 5.00.02.  BUT in contrast the Release Notes for 5.00.02 states: "For a virtual appliance, you can update to HPE OneView 5.00.02 from HPE OneView 4.10.03 or later." which seems to indicate that you *can* jump right from your current 4.10.05 right up to latest 5.00.02. I would confirm with HPE Support since the HPE OneView - Product Lifecycle and Additional Resources matrix > HPE OneView Non Synergy Upgrade Paths section does not accurately reflect what is stated in the OneView 5.00.02 Release Notes.

Please read the above-linked Release Notes document thoroughly; especially the increased hardware spec requirements introduced with OneView 4.20 and above: eight 2-GHz or greater vCPU - exactly 24GB of memory - minimum 275 GB of thick-provisioned disk space - upgrade virtual hardware to version 11 which of course means you need to run this appliance on ESXi 6.0 or later. Note the 5.00.02 Release Notes also say that "HPE OneView 5.00.02 does not require installing PreUpgrade.bin prior to an update." so it would appear that the application of the PreUpgrade.bin prior to upgrading has been removed for this latest release. Of course all standard upgrade caveats apply - backup Oneview and snapshot the vm appliance at every step along the way for easy rollback if you run into an issue.


Re: OneView Upgrade path

As @PatrickLong pointed out, we document in the Release Notes the minimum to update from.  With 4.10.05 being a patch to the 4.10 release, you can update from that release to 5.00.  I will inform the maintain of the update product lifecycle page linked above to ask it be updated with the newer patch releases that are missing.

As a general rule, we allow updating to a current release from 2 prior major releases.  Meaning, if you were still on 3.10.x and wanted to update to 5.00, you would first need to go to either 4.10 or 4.20 before updating to 5.00.

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Re: OneView Upgrade path

Thank you, you are indeed correct.
I also see in the support matrix documents that our virtual connect firmware is under the minimum version required so we need to sort that before upgrading.
Appreciate your input and advice!