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Can't load .img file to redeploy

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Can't load .img file to redeploy

Has anyone ever had any problem with not being able to load the .img deployer file with virtual media in the ilo?

We are moving some of our nodes so I've removed them from our federation and need to factory reset them but the server is not giving me the option to boot using the img file.  When I get to the boot menu the option just isn't there even though it's selected under virtual media.  It's not an issue with the file as I have done 5 other servers successfully today.  Also I tested trying to boot with a firmware iso upgrade and that works just not the img file?

Can't make any sense of this and I can't use a USB as the node is in a datacenter 500 miles away.


Re: Can't load .img file to redeploy

Sorry I had been working on this for a while and of course after I posted I figured it out.  Just had to reset the ilo and then I was able to choose the virtual usb as an option.