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ACL template creation for deployment to single a5500 EI

New Member

ACL template creation for deployment to single a5500 EI

Hi.  I am trying to create an Advanced ACL template in iMC.  I have an a5500 EI switch that an outside agency physically connects to in order to access a server that also happens to be connected to said switch. I would like to limit that agency's traffic  to just that server and that server alone.  I was using iMC to create the list in the hopes that it would make up for my lack of networking knowledge.  :)  


For this example let's say that the outside agency has an IP of and my server is at


My question is if i do a permit source to a destination of will that implicitly deny any other traffic from that source?  The rest of my network also needs access to that server.     


Just some background:  They have a switch configged on our subnet and physically connected to us via fiber.  That fiber hits a converter and connects to my a5500 via copper on gi1/0/35.  Their switch in this example is  Thanks for any help you guys can provide,