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Deploy config file to new switch

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Deploy config file to new switch


I have a HP 2530 connected to the network with no config, it aquaired an IP via DHCP and IMC has detected the switch. I would like to deploy a complete config to the switch via IMC so created a new template with the type "file". However when trying to deply the template the switch is not listed and there is a message saying "unsupported devices automatically removed from list". If I change the type to CLI script the switch appears in the list, however I dont want to deploy it as a script as it includes SNMPv3 details and that would mean creating prompt commands due to the annyoing way it automatically creates the initial user, even so the deployment didnt work. Does the switch need SNMP preconfigured for templates to work? This is a blank switch so there is no user credentials needed for SSH.


Re: Deploy config file to new switch


CLI Scripts support configuring the "response prompt" for commands, which allows you to match output from the switch, like a prompt on the switch that appears when you attempt to configure SNMPv3. This would allow you to easily configure the script to respond to the prompt and allows handling SNMPv3 in a CLI Script. I don't think the ProCurve supported deploying the "File" type in ICC, as you noticed, since that used SNMP to deploy.

You could also use the Resource > Batch Operation "Device Configuration Guide". It includes an operation called "Config SNMP(v3)Param(HP Provision)" that makes use of a pre-defined CLI script to configure SNMPv3. Then you can deploy the remaining configuration with your own CLI Script.

Another solution to configure new devices would be the Auto Deployment Plan (Zero Touch Provisioning), which allows you to auto-configure new switches. Aside from the official documentation (see Administrator Guide), there are plenty of helpful tutorials like Youtube demos and this Github repository with initial configuration file samples.

Hope that helps.

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