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Deploy Configuration Fails - since E0403P04

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Deploy Configuration Fails - since E0403P04

After the upgrade to patch 3 (E0403P04) the Configuration Deploy to our Cisco devices stopped working. This has been working like a charm earlier..

We are using SCP as transfer mode. All devices have their SCP server enabled. The adapter-index.xml-file is updated with all devices. All devices are accessible via AAA and TACACS. When logging into the devices the user is passed directly to Enable mode.

Upgraded to P06 but the error still resides.


When trying to deploy a configuration the following error appears.


Task Finished – Failed to execute script.

(Clicking Details)

Deploy running configuration file to device by script.

Failed to execute script.

1.Please check if the script is correct.
2.Please check if the network connection to device is normal.
3.Please check if the (T)FTP Server is running.
4.Please check if the FTP username and password are correct.

(Clicking link "Failed to execute script.")

Error Prompt:
/opt/iMC/server/bin/../../server/conf/adapters/ICC/Cisco/CiscoIOSGeneric/deploy_running_config_scp.tcl(28): error: can't read "enable_prompt": no such variable


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Re: Deploy Configuration Fails - since E0403P04

I'm looking at <IMC>/server/conf/adapters/ICC/Cisco/CiscoIOSGeneric/deploy_running_config_scp.tcl, and it doesn't really make sense. It is looking for $enable_prompt, but that doesn't apply when SCP'ing a file.

$enable_prompt is set in initialize.tcl, but that never gets called when doing an SCP.

I think someone at HP has been modifying some of the expect scripts, but they've blindly made that change to all the main expect loops.

My advice is to:
(A) Take a look at the main expect loop in CiscoASA/deploy_running_config_scp.tcl. Make the loop in the CiscoIOSGeneric/deploy_running_config_scp file look similar. Key points are that it does not have enable_prompt as one of the options, but it *does* have the "100%" match. Also,

(B) Log a support case with HP so they fix this in future IMC patches. Otherwise you'll have to keep making the same changes as above every time you update IMC.


Re: Deploy Configuration Fails - since E0403P04

Wow, good catch! Thank you very much.

I removed


 $enable_prompt {
    set loop false

and it's working again!

I did check that script and found it weird that this variable wasn't referenced.. But I would never check in the ASA folder for advice. Cheers!

I will absolutely take this through our HPE support contact.

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Re: Deploy Configuration Fails - since E0403P04

Good to hear it's working.

I've written a few custom adapters over the years, so I'm used to looking around at the other adapters to see how things are done.