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How to check last sys LOG Alarm from IMC

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How to check last sys LOG Alarm from IMC

Hi all,

i'm using IMC 7,2

i have a proble about IMC when i want to see last sys LOG report alarm from device (ex.switch HP 5500 48G). on my IMC, only can see alarm from present not from 2 days before or ago. ex : i wanna check sys LOG alarm device switch HP 5500 which 3 days ago is cold start reboot because on uptime device has a reboot status..i want to solve this..




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Re: How to check last sys LOG Alarm from IMC

There's a few possible locations:

* Alarm -> Alarm Browse -> All Alarms. Filter for your device. That way you can see recovered alarms

* Alarm -> Syslog Management -> Browse Syslog. Look for your device. This will include those logs that were not escalated to alarms.

* Alarm -> Trap Management -> Browse trap. Similar to above. 

IMC also ages out old alarms from the DB. If you have a high rate of events, your old events may have been aged out. Go to System -> System Configuration -> Data Export Settings to see what's configured, and where the old events are getting exported to. Search through those files.

You may not be able to find anything useful though - e.g. if someone kicked the power cord out, you won't get any useful syslogs about that, other than the restart message.