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iMC - Backups Failing

New Member

iMC - Backups Failing

For last 3 days iMC backups have been failing. Were fine up till that point. I can still push out Firmware updates to a switch that fails the backup task so some functioanlity is working.

These are all HP devices, we have 450+ of them.

I can plink to a problematic switch no problem and update firmware on said switch.

Really struugling to find out how the backups are done even, I can see from Device Capability list that CLI is being used.

Log files are a mess to sort through :-( .

Please help.





New Member

Re: iMC - Backups Failing

The following is the error from task results.

Failed to execute script

1.Please check if the script is correct.
2.Please check if the network connection to device is normal.
3.Please check if the (T)FTP Server is running.
4.Please check if the FTP username and password are correct.

Honored Contributor

Re: iMC - Backups Failing

You'll need to check through the logs. If they are all failing (and they worked before) it should be pretty obvious what's broken - e.g. changed password, or someone now blocking TFTP/FTP from switch to firewall. 

You could use this as a starting point: