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IMC Syslog rotation

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IMC Syslog rotation

Hello guys, i want to use syslog in my IMC, we have more than 70 swhichs, is log alot :/ How i can configure logrotate for it? I want to delete all old logs(7 days +-) .... Other question, have one OID for stp events ? In one sw we receive alot of debbug on terminal about stp problem but in IMC we cant see it... tnks



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Re: IMC Syslog rotation

Hi Leortiz,


I think you posted the question in a different product forum. This is the Network Automation (NA) Forum. 

I assume you want to post the question on the Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Forum. 


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Re: IMC Syslog rotation

Yes, you can control the syslog export settings.


Go to System -> System Configuration -> Data Export. Choose the Syslog tab. Change settings as required.


There are some rules that apply to filtering syslogs. You might want to take a look at what options you've got set under Alarm - Syslog Management.


If you're concerned about high log levels from a relatively small number of switches (70 is not many), then you should probably look at what data you're logging, and why. e.g. if you're logging all switch port flaps on a lot of edge ports, you should ask yourself why you're doing that. If you don't need it, suppress it at source, by changing the interface settings.


Your debug logs issue may also be because you're not sending debug-level syslogs to your syslog server. You might want to check that.