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IMC WSM with Aruba controller+Licenses

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IMC WSM with Aruba controller+Licenses

Hi All,

I have few questions about about IMC with WSM.

Currently in one of the setup we have HP procurve and Aruba controller with 200 APs.

I have done some searching and found out that Aruba Controller can work with IMC. But i want to know what are the limitations can be faced on Aruba using with IMC.

2nd thing is about the licensing. As mentioned above that i have hp switches arround 30 and the controller with APs.

What will be the license distribution ? will i have to buy separate device licenses for APs and controller ?

As per my understanding it will be IMCbase license + WSM Base License + Additional licenses for APs.

can any 1 confirm this ?


Anas Jawaid

Esteemed Contributor

Re: IMC WSM with Aruba controller+Licenses

IMC std comes w 50 nodes and u can purchase 50 node add on packs - so your switches are covered. Controller counts as node I think.

WSM comes w 50-AP license, and u can buy add-ons as well so you will neend 3 more x50. 

Also realize that imc can monitor other device beyond switch, so you may end up wanting more nodes

Sorry i can't comment much on how much Aruba functionality you get in WSM. I use the MSM series which has good but not 100% support, and the Aruba instant series, which has pretty much no support, other than snmp


Re: IMC WSM with Aruba controller+Licenses

IMC Wireless Service Manager supports MSM, Comware, Cisco and Aruba devices. It really works best only with Comware devices. Support for MSM, and especially for Cisco and Aruba, is still quite lousy. You can find out the exact features that are supported from the latest release notes of IMC WSM 7.1 (E0303P10) here:

All the features that are supported (or not) are listed in the Feature Support Matrix section.

Support for Aruba is quite rudimentary at this point. I've also heard rumors that HP is going to move all the wireless management to Aruba's Airwave platform and might discontinue the wireless part of IMC. Not sure if this is true or not (I hope not as IMC platform is just so much superior to Airwave). I personally hope that IMC will soon get as good support for Aruba wireless as it has now for Comware.