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Interface Flux Baseline Alarm

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Interface Flux Baseline Alarm

HI Team,

I am getting alerts from IMC, Is this something serious do i need to do something on this as severity is major. i am getting these alerts only from HP switches.

Trap Name:  Interface Flux Baseline Alarm

Severity:  Major

Trap Time:  2016-03-02 07:20:54

Description:  The in direction of interface 13 on device at 2016-03-02 07:15:00 is lower than the baseline(1.71 Kbps).

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Interface Flux Baseline Alarm

These are generated by the NTA module. if the baseline analysis setting is enabled you will get these traps whenever the traffic drops below the baseline.

This feature is most useful where interfaces have a faily constant level of traffic. If its variable then you will have times when the baseline is higher than the current level.

Go to the Traffic Analysis Service > Settings > Task Management > Modify Traffic Analysis Task and disable the baseline analysis

Then goto the Service > Settings > Server Management and deploy the configuration

Occasional Advisor

Re: Interface Flux Baseline Alarm

thanks, i have change the  setttings let me obsrver and l will update soon.