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MIB management tool


MIB management tool


I’m writing this post to ask all of you if you have ever had problems with the MIB management tool (MIB management).

In all iMC I installed this tool is very slow and often crashes. You have never had any problems?


In particular, after clicking on the icon “MIB Management” present in the System menu, I have access the pop-up management MIB. This pop-up, however, is very slow and in many cases stops showing an error signal that warns the operator that the script in execution may slow down your system.

This scenario happens in various customers and I would like to understand why:

- It's a matter of java?

- It 'sa matter of your browser?

- It 'sa matter of resources?

How can I fix this problem?

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Re: MIB management tool

I've seen it behave a bit slowly, but I've never seen it crash. That said, I use the MIB anagement tool fairly infrequently across my customers.


It's most likely to be a browser issue. Java is unrelated, as the MIB management tool is not a Java applet.


I have been doing some work with Compliance policies recently, and if you have large compliance policies, displaying the Results on a per-compliance policy basis for a lot of devices just kills the browser. If you're using IE8, it sits there for a long time rendering the page. Using Chrome took the render time from 5-10 minutes down to < 1 minute. Might be worth trying Chrome?


Re: MIB management tool

Tnx for the answer.


I usually use both IE8 and Chrome. :) But i always have problem with MIB management pop-up/window.


Yeah is note really common use the MIB management tool, but always customers want see it when I do course or installation.


And is not possible that there is the problem on all iMC. :) I hope in a patch or in the new release!