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Migrate iMC new server

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Migrate iMC new server


We are running iMC PLAT 7.2 (E0403P06) Standard on a physical windows 2012 server.
Now i wanted to migrate my iMC to a new Server 2019 and at the same time upgrade to latest iMC version.

Since i'm rather new to using iMC and never have done any upgrades/updates i'm looking for guidelines and recomendations on how to to this without loosing any of my current information.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Migrate iMC new server

Windows server 2019 is not supported yet for IMC. But the process is to backup the data using the IMC admin client, then build an identical version & patch stack on your new server, the restore the database.

Then install any additional updates that are pending beyond your existing installation. You can only restore like to like

After it all looks good you will need to transfer the license from the old server to the new. There is an online page to do this.

Other posts in this forum have additional details.



Re: Migrate iMC new server


iMC 7.3 E0705 onwards actually supports Windows Server 2019. That said, you should first ensure your existing iMC installation is running this version (E0705) before performing the migration, as you will need to install iMC on a new system with Server 2019 and migrate the database with dbman - which will only work if the iMC version matches between the system being backed up and the one being restored.

You can find the migration process in the iMC 7.3 E0705 download files in the "manual" folder. It contains all the instructions needed to do so. As I mentioned, just make sure both old and new systems are running the same iMC version (and patch level, along with same optional module versions if you use any) first.

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