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PCM --> IMC; enable sampling and statistics

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PCM --> IMC; enable sampling and statistics

We are currently using PCM and a feature that we use a lot is to enable 'sampling and statistics' on a port, then view the top talkers on that port.


Is this feature included in the standard version of IMC or do you have to purchase the Network Traffic Analyzer module?  If it requires the NTA module, the product says 'with 5 node E-LTU'.  Does that mean that I can only analyze 5 conversations at one time?


Also, does anyone know if the initial purchase of IMC includes support for the 1st year? or if I need to purchase support along with the initial purchase?


Just as an FYI, I tried to ask these questions on chat (enterprise doesn't do chat), on the phone (the person that answered couldn't help me and transferred me to someone that  didn't answer and hasn't returned my call), and we have received a couple of different answers from local reps.

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Re: PCM --> IMC; enable sampling and statistics

You'll need the NTA module.  If you buy the Enterprise license it includes ther NTA license for a few nodes, or you can buy the NTA license separately, and add it on to Standard.


By "per-node", they mean "each switch or router that sends sFlow/NetFlow/IPFIX". It's not per-conversation, or per-port.


Usually I've seen support listed as a separate item. It's often done on the same initial invoice because that expense gets capitalized for the first year. But your geography might be better. You'd need to talk to a local reseller/HP salesperson.