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Power over ethernet alarm for IMC

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Power over ethernet alarm for IMC

Hi all,

we've got a lot of error messages from our POE switches on iMC.


For example: The status of THE PSE Port(1,19) is 6 (1 disabled, 2 searching, 3 deliveringPower, 4 fault, 5 test, 6 otherFault).

However, when I checked the switch's configuration.

Both port of 1 and 19 are all disable poweroverethernet.(Command:no power-over-ethernet)


There are also a lot of other switches showing other message which is incorrect.


Is there any method that can create a remedy/recover policy to automatically fix this alarm?

Honored Contributor

Re: Power over ethernet alarm for IMC

You can filter alarms if you don't want them. When looking at the alarm details, there should be an option to filter them on a per device or global basis.


Before doing that, it might be worth digging in a bit deeper to see exactly where the alarm's coming from.