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"Open Device Panel" open wrong image for 5406ZL

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"Open Device Panel" open wrong image for 5406ZL


J'ai le problème suivant sur mon serveur iMC:

En utilisant "Open Device Panel" la page web montre un switch sans module (voir fichier joint).

Les modules sont pourtant présent (vérification faite via VPD)

J8697A 5406Zl vendor-type :

Les 6 modules (8.1.1 à 8.6.1)  entity-name : Module     vendor-type : vide

Les modules J8707A vendor-type :

port (1 à 4) vendor-type :

Tout me parait correct et pourtant cela ne fonctionne pas.






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Re: "Open Device Panel" open wrong image for 5406ZL

Hi, I tranlsted in google and I beleive I understand that your modules do not appear correctly. What version of IMC?

I'm running the latest iMC PLAT 7.2 (E0403P10)

I have a 5412zl, but not that module. I've had similar problem in the past with another module.

I posted information in this thread about using the visual panel designer application to verify and fix module information:


The current version of IMC does include the module you have. The OID for module and ports you list match the settings in IMC. See attached screen shots.

If you are not on the latest version, you can check the values and either correct them using the process in my post, or upgrade imc. 

If your IMC version is the latest and the OIDs in IMC do match the actual HW values, then you will need to contact HP. I have no further explanation.

Hopefully this can help


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Re: "Open Device Panel" open wrong image for 5406ZL

Thanck a lot for reply,

i have already read your post and found no problem in my configuration.
The modules and ports have the good IOD.