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Recognition of switches in the HPE IMC

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Recognition of switches in the HPE IMC

Hello good day
I am new to the IME HPE configuration and I have problems with the recognition of switches.
I made laboratories where I adapted several switches both HP and other vendors with normality, but at the time of installation in a client, it recognized the switches as PCs and could not have an administration of these in the application.
I would like a help of why this happens and how I can solve it.
Thank you.

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Re: Recognition of switches in the HPE IMC

Usually that means there is a problem with SNMP. IMC uses SNMP to determine what type of switch it is. If it can't get a response from SNMP, it defaults to assuming it is a PC.

Check that SNMP is correctly configured on your switches. Check that the right community string is in use, check that access lists allow SNMP. Check that IMC is using the right SNMP string. Check that firewalls between IMC and the device allow SNMP.