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VSR1000 Zero Touch Provisioning

Occasional Contributor

VSR1000 Zero Touch Provisioning

Hi all,

I am unable to provision a VSR1000 router.

HPE Comware switches are working

I am pushing config below to the router,


sysname ADP_Initial_Config
interface GigabitEthernet1/0
ip address dhcp-alloc
telnet server enable
stp global enable
snmp-agent community read iMCread
snmp-agent community write iMCwrite
snmp-agent sys-info version all
line aux 0
user-role network-admin
screen-length 69
line vty 0 63
authentication-mode scheme
user-role network-admin
user-role network-operator
screen-length 0
local-user iMCadmin class manage
password simple iMCadmin
service-type telnet
authorization-attribute user-role level-15
authorization-attribute user-role network-admin
authorization-attribute user-role network-operator


Do i need other parameters for a VSR1000?