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CPU usage in new Infosight?


CPU usage in new Infosight?

Is there a way to view CPU usage on the Nimble arrays in the new Infosight?

Previously I could view the Asset, which would give me CPU usage.

I currently have an array blacklisted from going to 4.x due to high CPU usage and would like to view those stats.

AS-69421 - Drop in performance for various array models after update 4.x For various arrays with high CPU usage and heavily sustained read workloads, after updating to NimbleOS 4.x, they may experience a negative impact on performance. Software updates to NimbleOS 4.x are not recommended unless the CPU usage on the array is lightened.

HPE Blogger

Re: CPU usage in new Infosight?


The legacy view of Predictive CPU Utilisation (where it forecasted what potential CPU you needed over and above what you currently had) didn't make it into the initial cut of the new Infosight (it IS coming back, rest assured).

You can view the true CPU usage, as well as cache hit ratio in the Pool view, under Pool Performance - something which a lot of our customers were asking for.

Nick Dyer
Global Storage Field CTO & Evangelist

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