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InfoSight Unknown Servers

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InfoSight Unknown Servers

Is there a forum for InfoSight?  I have unknown servers, in the iLoAmp website I looked at the InfoSight summary page. A couple of the Unknown servers are unknown because they say then need updated firmware. That makes sense.

However I have one that is telling me that it has sent and recieved data from InfoSight, so I am looking for other reasons a server would be unknown.

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Re: InfoSight Unknown Servers

Hello !

Its probably because of the AMS services not running OR updating the AMS should resolve the issue.

For further help on queries on this issue, you may contact the suppport.

Foundation care: +1 800 633 3600
MC/DC: +1 888-751-2149
Proactive: +1 866-211-5211

Go to ProLiant and ask the technician to send it to the InfoSight team.

You can also log case or search for drivers/firmwares from HPE support Center :


Anish M A

Technical Solutuions Consultant at HPE



Anish M A
Technical Solutions Consultant at HPE