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Re: rsadmin documentation?

Occasional Contributor

rsadmin documentation?

Recently discovered the rsadmin command which lets you do some sort of useful things. Has anyone found any documentation about this?


rsadmin - HP Insight Remote Support Command Line Utility

rsadmin <command name> [-help] [-help <command name>]

command name Execute the command, see -help <command name> for more details
-help Displays this help text
-help <command name> Displays the help text for the command <command name>

Possible values for <command name> :
reset :
Reset command is used to restore the system to a backup or factory state.
cert :
cert command is used to alter and view the applications certificates.
config :
config command is used to alter and view the applications configuration.
status :
status comamnd is used to list the status of the application.
scheduleNow :
ScheduleNow command is used to schedule a task to execute immediately
load :
load command is used to load device and contact information into the DB.
unload :
unload comamnd is used to unload device and contact information from the DB.
deleteRule :
delete rule files from the database
listDevices :
list OOSs in the database. Use no arguments to list all devices in the database.
listEvents :
list raw events in the database. Use no arguments will list all event in the database.
listSubscriptions :
list subscriptions in the database.
loadEntitlement :
load entitlement definitions into the database
loadLibraryManifest :
load the library manifest into the database
loadRule :
load rule files into the database
subscribe :
Create subscriptions for the supplied OOS's
unsubscribe :
Delete subscriptions for the supplied OOS's
validate :
validate subscriptions.
exportHealth :
exportHealth comamnd is used to export health status related to all devices from the DB.
backup :
Backup command is used to make a back up copy of dynamic data and to change backup settings
restore :
Restore command is used to restore dynamic data from a backup copy
switchMode :
usage: switchMode connected
Switches from disconnected mode to connected mode
rediscover :
delete and rediscover a device <ip>
discover :
discover a device <ip>
remove :
remove device
ILOCleanup :
remove duplicate named ilo devices


Re: rsadmin documentation?

We're running IRS version  There are some examples of the rsadmin utility in the IRS Monitored Devices Configuration Guide, and the Installation and Configuration Guide.  There needs to be more detailed information about the various options, though.  When I tried to do a bulk import to set warranty information, it took several tries to make it work, and  then I had four devices for each one I tried to update.  I left it for a day, but it never merged them.  I had to delete and rediscover them.  I'm still not sure what information is required for it to work.


It seems like a very useful utility.  I just wish it was documented better.