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hp 1920 802.1x

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hp 1920 802.1x

Hello friend's!

I have a 1920 switch on which I cannot configure 802.1x authorization via the freeradius CHAP protocol. By EAP I have packages, but with CHAP I have nothing. Authorization on the switch itself via radius works. The problem is on the switch, because mikrotik, juniper and aruba have no such problems. If anyone has documentation or understands how to configure CHAP on hp 1920, then please help. I've been fighting for a week


Configuration on a port: 

Ethernet1/0/20 is link-down
802.1X protocol is enabled
Proxy trap checker is disabled
Proxy logoff checker is disabled
Handshake is enabled
Handshake secure is disabled
802.1X unicast-trigger is disabled
Periodic reauthentication is disabled
The port is an authenticator
Authentication Mode is Auto
Port Control Type is Port-based
802.1X Multicast-trigger is enabled
Mandatory authentication domain: NOT configured
Guest VLAN: 108
Auth-Fail VLAN: 108
Critical VLAN: NOT configured
Critical recovery-action: NOT configured
Max number of on-line users is 256

EAPOL Packet: Tx 874, Rx 810
Sent EAP Request/Identity Packets : 509
EAP Request/Challenge Packets: 138
EAP Success Packets: 0, Fail Packets: 67
Received EAPOL Start Packets : 461
EAPOL LogOff Packets: 0
EAP Response/Identity Packets : 79
EAP Response/Challenge Packets: 140
Error Packets: 0

Controlled User(s) amount to 0


Re: hp 1920 802.1x