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routing between layer 3 switches


routing between layer 3 switches


Our Main Headquarters core switch is a 5400 series. We recently installed a 5400 series switch at a co-location. These two locations have a 1GB fiber connection between them. I would like to setup static routes between locations for so we can connect to  networks that exit on each of these switches.

Can I create and separate VLAN just for the cross connect and create static routes like I listed below?

Switch_A vlan 10

Switch_A(vlan-10)# untag a24

Switch_A(vlan-10)# ip address

Switch_A(vlan-10)# exit

Switch_A(config)# ip routing

Switch_A(config)# ip route

Switch_A(config)# ip route


Switch_B vlan 10

Switch_B(vlan-10)# untag a24

Switch_B(vlan-10)# ip address

Switch_B(vlan-10)# exit

Switch_B(config)# ip routing

Switch_A(config)# ip route


Can the uplinks ports(a24) in each switch be tagged for VLAN 10 or do they have to be untagged?