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installing DBD/DBI Modules on perl8

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installing DBD/DBI Modules on perl8


kindly, i'm trying to install DBD and DBI on perl858, on SD Server I64.
first i had installed perl64.depot on this server, and then i tried the following:

in the source directory for DBI i ran these commands:
#perl Makefile.PL
i succeed in the first command and failed to do make, it executed with no gcc found.
considering that these modules had been installed in rx server without any problems and also gcc not installed in that server.

Please advice.
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Re: installing DBD/DBI Modules on perl8

You might want to get perl from here:

Merjin's already has the DBI module. But if you want to proceed you will need to install gcc on your machine. I would probablt recommend installing that anyway.
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Re: installing DBD/DBI Modules on perl8


If your Perl distribution was installed with HP-UX or you obtained it from the HP software depot, it will have been compiled with the HP-UX C compiler. In that case, you will need that compiler to install the DB* modules you seek.

As Court suggests, it might be far simpler to fetch a copy of Merijn's Perl distribution which includes the modules.