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MSM760 max VSC count

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MSM760 max VSC count

We got 2 msm760 controller. One controller allow to create max 16 VSC profiles. If we will use two controllers in teaming, does it allow to increase the number of profiles? Or maybe there is anothwer way to increase the number of profiles, with additional license or otherwise?

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Re: MSM760 max VSC count

It's not a controller issue. From configuration guide, beginning of section "Working with VSCs":


"The MSM760 and MSM765 zl controllers support up to 64 VSCs. The MSM720 supports
16 VSCs by default, and 64 VSCs when the Premium Mobility License is installed. All other
controllers support a maximum of 16 VSCs. Controlled APs support a maximum of 16 VSCs."


Note the limitation on controlled APs - this means per AP group. So if you need more than 16 VSCs, you will need to create another AP group and assign some of the VSCs to the new group.


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Re: MSM760 max VSC count

Thanks for reply.

But right now, with 16 created VSC i can't create more.



Via CLI i can't create virtual AP too.

Controller's software version