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HP Netserver LH3 Processor

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HP Netserver LH3 Processor

I've been delegated the task to upgrade our HP netserver processor. We have the 1GHz PentiumIII's and just to test I put one in a card slot and had the other terminated. The POST message is showing that the processor is a Pentium Pro 700Mhz. It also comes up with a Missing Microcode error message. I have the most recent Bios and I was wondering if there was an unwritten setting on the speed switched that would enable the processor to operate at full speed. Or is there any way to get a Bios update from PhoenixBios that is compatible with the motherboard? I appreciate any clues to what can be done here.
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Re: HP Netserver LH3 Processor


The LH3 stopped support at the PIII-600 with the first model as a PII 350. You won't be able to make a 1Ghz CPU work on that system board. Its too old of a board. The LH3000 supported a 1Ghz CPU.

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