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Re: HNS Problems / Online virtual lab questions

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HNS Problems / Online virtual lab questions

Hi everyone!

I am trying to get the HNS setup and it just refuses to start the virtual machines. I am running windows 8 64 bit. Virtual box 4.2.26

Any help would be appreciated. I used the manual to paste into the hns and create a vm


# Switch A
device_id = 1
# Device type: 32-bit centralized device
device_model = SIM2100
# Card model: SIM2101
board = SIM2101 : memory_size 1024
# Connect the Switch to the Virtual Box Ethernet adapter
device 1: interface 1 <--> host : "VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter"







Also, I think I might just rather pay for an online virtual lab. Cisco has one and it is pretty cheap, does HP?


Also, I am trying to learn HP Switches / Networking. Where can I start, any good online tutorials?


Appreciate all help,




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Re: HNS Problems / Online virtual lab questions

Ensure virtualization is enabled in the BIOS (intel-vt / amd-v).