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Re: Powershell Toolkit Usage

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Powershell Toolkit Usage

Hi All,

We are trying to automate some stuff using the PSK, but when I went from v1 to v3 of the toolkit I noticed a couple cmdlets were not in the new toolkit.  Then when I load both modules v1 and v3 I get some cmdlet errors or now i need to specify the module.  The cmdlet I need which doesn't exist in v3 is "New-NSclone", does this psk have a different cmd for cloning in the newer version or do we just switch back to v1?  I don't mind writing to bounce between the two modules, but it seemed like i was missing something I couldn't find seaching myself.

Thank you,


Re: Powershell Toolkit Usage

Yes, it is there, but it has been moved to the proper place according the API.

The command you want is called New-NSVolume but you use the argument -parent? somthing to specify the parent snapshot or the parent clone to create it from.

You will need to get the ID of the snapshot or parent volume ID that you want to create it from.

"New-NSVolume -parent_snap_id $MySnapID -clone.

Dinesh Kumar

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Re: Powershell Toolkit Usage

To get the snapshot id, use $MySnapID = (Get-snapshot -vol_name "MyVolume" -name "MySnapShotName" ).id

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