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authenticating o/b SMTP emails on W-CE

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authenticating o/b SMTP emails on W-CE

I can connect to the internet and download email into Outlook Express on my handheld, but outbound emails get a "Encountered SMTP server error" message. My ISP tech support (which doesn't support windows CE), said I need to authenticate my outbound emails with my user name and password.
WHERE DO I DO THAT?? I checked under the options tab in Outlook Express, but can only find a place for incomming POP3 email authentication. Thanks for the replies!
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Re: authenticating o/b SMTP emails on W-CE

in your ppc go to Inbox, {in the down side of the screen}Tools -> options -> {click on pop3 accnt) -> next 3 times {you will see E-mail Setup (4/4)) -> options -> "outgoing e-mail server requires authentication" checkbox

Hope this work
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