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Cannot find Dv6700 model number...

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Cannot find Dv6700 model number...

Hey, all.

I recently received my newly purchased and customized Pavilion 6700 from HP, and I couldn't be happier with it, save for the fact that I couldn't choose to have XP pre-installed. I have no large quarrels with Vista, however, I would like to dual-boot XP. In the process of installing XP, the drivers for the SATA/Raid controller are required, so naturally I went to the HP site to look them up, only to find I needed a more specific model number. Quickly looking on the bottom of my laptop, I found that no specific model number had been placed on the tag, and soon thereafter exhausted the online list of alternate methods of obtaining said model number - each of which only told me that I was the proud owner of a dv6700.

I'm kinda stuck here. Any nudges in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Not trying to get anyone to do my work for me, or anything, but if it helps, below is some additional info on my new laptop:

Product Number: GP239AV
Serial Number: CNF8018T9P
Part Number: GT812AV

I have tried using the forum search, however, each attempt has only returned me with an error saying something about HTML tags possibly being included, which is odd, considering I was searching for "dv6700 can't find model."

In any case, your help is greatly appreciated in advance!

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Re: Cannot find Dv6700 model number...

The only notebook I found with that number was the dv6700 CTO. According to the page link below, you may need to contact HP Support directly to get the rest of the info you need. Another option may be the detection tool. I know you said you tried some options, but I didn't know if you tried these. Please advise how you get along.

Info page:

detection tool:

Hope this helps. -Randy

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