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Cannot run more than (1) VM 2 a time on W2K8 R2 STD


Cannot run more than (1) VM 2 a time on W2K8 R2 STD

This is on a new Proliant DL180 G6, 24GB RAM (6x4GB), Dual 5504's, 2TB Raid10. Has Dual HP NC3621i adapters, only (1) attached and that is assigned to the VM's.

I can run (1) VM all day long, no problems. if I attempt to run another, get a critical fault:

'' was reset because an unrecoverable error occurred on a virtual processor that caused a triple fault. If the problem persists, contact Product Support. (Virtual machine ID xxx)

Source: Hyper-V-Worker

EventID: 18560

Level: Critical

User: NETWORK Service

Tried adjusting the # of VP's assigned, Amount of RAM, VirtualNic attached or not, makes no difference.

Thanks for any insight.
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Re: Cannot run more than (1) VM 2 a time on W2K8 R2 STD


i think this is your thread :


What is SO FUNNY is I have a self-built SuperMicro-base setup larger than this that has been running 6-18 VM's on a continous basis since last October - this is the first HP I've bought in years.

acordind to the HP server, for the virtualisation it would be better to buy at minimum Dl360 but mostly recommended proliant is DL380.

I personally tested this server and i can't recomend it for virtualisation.

used VMWARE Vsphere / Citrix XEN server, when only one VM was running on it was ok, but with the second it was not usables, and this was only a for testin purposes.

PS : hope you will find a solution on the DL180 server with satisfaction.