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Cert Installation


Cert Installation

Hi all,

Would like to ask about SSL certificate.

I have a Web Server installed with SSL certificate. The cert is signed by a CA created by myself (through MS Cert Server). When I go to the web site by https, a security alert prompt saying that the CA is non-trust and I need to press "Yes" in order to access the web site.

Is there anyway that I can bypass the security alert and go to the website directory ? I can accept one-time installation on workstation level. I know I can achieve it by installing the Root trust for that CA so that the client workstation will trust each cert issued by that CA as I've tried it successfully. However, I would be more restrictive that I want to trust that cert only. That is, I trust that CA issue the cert to my WebServer ONLY. That is, after the on-time installation, I can access that website directory. When there is another SSL website installed with a cert signed by my CA also, my workstation will prompt the security alert.
Or in another word, is there any way to trust the cert instead of trusting the CA ? I've tried to install the cert by click the "Insall certificate" button, but it only install on the intermediate cert. Once I close the IE and go to the website again, the security alert prompt. Any solution? Thanks.