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cpu overloaded by hpdsnsvc.exe

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cpu overloaded by hpdsnsvc.exe

What kind of service is this ...may i terminate ..what is he doing?
help me cpu is at 100%
roberto paolo
Honored Contributor

Re: cpu overloaded by hpdsnsvc.exe


What type of server are you having this problem on? If this is a NetServer, are you running Top Tools? It sounds like it might be one of the Top Tools services. Take a look in Control Panel - Services - and see if you see a service listed with that name or something with the initials HP and DSN. If you see the service, stop it and reboot and see if the problem goes away.

If that doesn't work and you are running Top Tools, we have a Top Tools forum under Management Software in the main forums menu.

If you aren't running Top Tools, please post another message with more information - hardware make, model, etc - OS version and service pack level, HP peripherals (printers, etc). Did this just suddenly start happening after you have been up and running or did you recently install some new hardware or software prior to this problem?

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
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Re: cpu overloaded by hpdsnsvc.exe


Are you certain it's not hpdsMsvc.exe? Open Add/Remove Software in Control Panel and see if there is any HP software installed, particularly Digital Sender Module. You can get an idea of what this software does from:


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