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Deskpro Workstation 500 mHz will not POST

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Deskpro Workstation 500 mHz will not POST

I have two (2) Compaq Deskpros that, after a freeze (or upgrade), will not power up properly. The LEDs come on, the drives spin, but no POST (monitor does not initialize). In the past, I have reset the BIOS, pull the CMOS battery, pulled the cards, and reseated the riser. The system will eventually come up after 2 hours of this, but I have have the second PC just starting this behaviour, and I am sick of it. Is there a secret keystroke sequence or handshake I'm not aware of? I spoke with Compaq support about 2 years ago about this issue, and they basically said 'we don't know'. Any suggestions?
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Re: Deskpro Workstation 500 mHz will not POST

Hi Robert,

You could also ask this in the Deskpro Category:


The experts there will have some suggestions for you,

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