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Dl385 Gen 10 and 2012 R2 Installation problem

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Dl385 Gen 10 and 2012 R2 Installation problem

Hi guys,

I'm struggling with the installation of Windows 2012 R2 (DVD version) on a DL385 Gen 10.

Using the Intelligent Provisioning, following the normal steps, it reboots correctly but it stucks on HPE Ent Logo screen.
Nothing else I can do neither if I choose automatic or manual.

Booting from the DVD I can provide the drivers of the controller (SA E208i-a Gen 10), choose the partitioning (auto or manual doesn't change anything) but it ends with this error:
"windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation"

I decided to try with the legacy boot option instead of the UEFI one:
The intelligent provisioning has the same problem, stucked on the hpe ent logo image while the installation straight from the windows dvd works, but since I have a 3TB volume it doesn't work properly due to the legacy limitations.

Please, help me on how to proceed! :-(

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Re: Dl385 Gen 10 and 2012 R2 Installation problem

Actually it seems I've found a solution.

I will share it here if anyone will need it.

Aapparently it's a known bug between Microsoft and HPE due to an incompatibility with a virtualization technology on AMD cpu.

To fix the problem, disable the  IOMMU component inside the BIOS settings.


Link here: