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dos printout from usb printer

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dos printout from usb printer


i would like to know how to get a dos print out from usb printer. i am using a compaq laptop installed winXP it has only a com and usb port but my most of works are dos based application and also i have a 80 col wipro dot matrix printer it has been connected to laptop through usb to lpt convertor

There is no problem geting print out from windows based application whereas in dos i can't. Any one knows idea share with me
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Re: dos printout from usb printer

A simpler solution for all your DOS printing problems from XP may be the following:

Assuming you have a printer working on a USB port. Add a new printer which is the same as the one on the USB port (same name ,same driver) but say that it is on LPT1:.
Go to your USB printer port settings and turn on printer pooling between ports USB00x and LPT1:

Any jobs sent to LPT1: will be automatically rerouted to the USB port because the fake printer on LPT1: is always off-line.

-Google is really nice for finding problems. :-)
-That is where the orginal post is from.