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dv6000 - QUiCKPLAY !HeLP!

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dv6000 - QUiCKPLAY !HeLP!

I have a HP dv6000 notebook with Vista, and I need some help! I was in Quick Play, and I was trying to see if I could move my built in webcam program OUT of the Quick Play program, and put it onto my Desktop...so I could access it easier. BUT instead, I think I deleted my webcam, by accidentally pressing the DELETE buttom. SO, I contacted an Online Service Technician through the HP Service Chat , and they told me to UNINSTALL quick play using Recovery Manager, and try it all over again. Which brings me to my problem, now my touch buttons do not work, they make the "tapping sound" but no program ever loads.. I keep downloading drivers from the HP website, but they dont seem to do anything! My laptop didn't come with any CDs, so I am going to need another option. Can anybody help me out? I hate knowing that I HAD a working built in webcam (I even still have pictures & video I took with it) and a working Quickplay program, and now it's gone. Thanks for any advice! <3
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Re: dv6000 - QUiCKPLAY !HeLP!

As you seem to be new to the HP forums and your problem is not a problem with an OS from MS:
For your type of notebook there is a special forum in the "Business Support" area:
notebook PCs - pavilions, presario
where you'd meet the specialists.

Unfortunately moderators can not move the thread from here to there.
So do yourself a favor and post your problem again in the said forum.

Good luck