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Dynamic IP Address

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Dynamic IP Address

Does anyone know how to stop a dynamic IP address from changing? I am hosting my own website but my damm ip address keeps changing!!!

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Re: Dynamic IP Address

Generally you have to pay your ISP extra for the privilege of having a static IP address.

Once you have one then you go into Control Panel Network and Dialup and locate the connection you use for the Internet then hit Properties. Now select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and hit Properties again Check the 2 boxes which say Use the Following ... and fill in the resulting blanks.

Your alternative is to get a UPS so your system never goes down or loses its connection. You may have to make sure it never gets idle for too long too.

If you have a valid IP address (rare these days -one that does not start with 10., 172.16-31., 192.168.) and your PC is automatically registering with the DNS when it connects you may be able to reach it with the fully qualified domain name.

start run cmd

and type:

ipconfig /all | more

to see your current IP address and

nslookup A.B.C.D

to get your PC's full name.

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Re: Dynamic IP Address

Norton suite has a little program called KeepAlive that send continuously data on internet so you can keep alive the connection and still hold IP.
Warning, you need a xDSL line to working this software and remember your ISP is not happy of this operation.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti
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Re: Dynamic IP Address

Thank you both for your comments. Unfortunatly I have contacted my ISP and they want £50 (Over $100) per month for a static IP address.

And unfotunatily Norton Suite is not compatible with Windows XP Pro.

Thanks for your help though,
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Re: Dynamic IP Address

If you use a service such as DNSAlias redirect your site, your Users will never know your IP address has changed.

DNSAlias creates an address such as ryan.dnsalias.com. You install a small piece of software that polls your interface for its current IP address. When your address changes, the software notifies DNSAlias of the change, and they update their dns entry for your new IP address.

Users would still connect to ryan.dnsalias.com, and not notice a change.

Several providers offer this as a free service.

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Re: Dynamic IP Address

Just thinking of an alternative........

Would you consider moving your website to a 3rd party web hosting company instead.
Hosting companies make it secure, safe, and backed up........
Then this issue becomes trival.........

If not, then ..........
I'm sure there is providers who provide a one static IP address for much less.
You might check with Earthlink...........