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Error Message

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Error Message

I have found that whenever I open my iTunes for my iPod, or even hook my iPod to my computer I recieve that same message for my computer.

I don't know if this helps!
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Re: Error Message

Not much. Need the details of the message.

Probably get it from the Event Viewer:

Check the Event logs for errors:
Start, Run, eventvwr.msc, OK then select Application. Look for red marked files that have a time stamp about the time of the error message. Open the event then click on the bottom of the three buttons to copy the text. Move to a reply and Edit, Paste. Repeat for any other different errors that happened about the same time. Please don't go back to the beginning of time and no events from a Safe Mode boot. Repeat for System. If your PC speaks something other than English don't translate it unless it doesn't use the Latin alphabet and then please include the timestamps.