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EVO N800v screen distorted and then blank

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EVO N800v screen distorted and then blank

Hello everyone,

I'm having some problems with my Compaq Evo N800v laptop. And they seem to be serious...

It was working fine till yesterday, but at a certain moment (just when I plugged the power supply into the laptop, after using it in battery mode for some time), the image in the screen became distorted, as if an earthquake were taking place in the screen... I mean that the image became shaky and like "pixelized"...

But that was only for a few seconds. After that, the screen became completely black. I turned the laptop off and then on, but the screen was still not working. It is not simply a problem of black image; the truth is that the screen shows no light, like if it were not powered up...

The "rest" fot the computer, by the way, boots on (I mean that I can hear some noise), but it also seems to freeze after a few seconds (no more noises and no response in the Caps Lock led when I press the Caps Lock key)! However, in two or three occasions I belive that it reached to enter Windows... but it's difficult to know it without nothing on the screen...

Of course, I tried an external screen, but it didn't show an image either.

I must say that the LCD panel and the internal ribbon video cable (which connects the LCD panel to the mainboard) were replaced exactly one year ago with newer (but not new) ones.

I opened the screen to check if the video cable was still connected correctly (to the mainboard and to the screen) and it seems so. And the same for the cable that goes from the inverter board to the mainboard.

In addition, having the laptop powered up, I remember that unplugging the video cable from the motherboard caused the screen to become image. Nothing happends this time.

Any suggestions? Is there any possibility of being the inverter board? Is it the motherboard?

Thank you very much!
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Re: EVO N800v screen distorted and then blank

Hi, I have the same problem. But I have not resolved yet :-(
Do you have any news on you?