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Excessive Power Usage

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Excessive Power Usage

I have a Compaq sr1030nx. the past several days it has been running severely slow.
When I look at the usage indicators under the task manager performance tab -- while typing this message, no other apps open (save for spyware software running in the background) -- says i'm using between 1% and 100% of my power and it varies for no reason that I can see. Page File usage goes between 270MB and 100% of the PF availible. After running a partial disc cleanup (approx 75% which took 10-12 hours before I stopped it) of my C drive and restarting the problem got much better but usage still occasionally spikes.

I do have a good amount of music on here (ITunes). About 5 GB worth. Only a few programs/software. I'm using firefox's newest browser (which also runs like a slug, if at all). No non essential programs are listed in running apps.

More specifics...As of now with much better performance
Physical memory(K)
Total: 458224
Available: 81916
Sys Cache: 194124

Kernel Memory:
Total: 53080
Paged: 42472
Nonpaged: 10608

Commit Charge:
Total: 311800
Limit: 1079904
Peak: 337980

Handles: 8972
Threads: 438
Processes: 33

Keep in mind, this is SIGNIFICANTLY improved from previously when it was running so poorly. In hopes of keeping the problem from happening again, I am seeking the advice of all your kind souls out there who frequent this forum. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Excessive Power Usage

what this has to do with HP-UX, I have no idea.
Looks like this should be under Microsioft, moving to more appropriate forum
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