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Failing service manager?

Frequent Advisor

Failing service manager?

When I try to create a cluster to a specific blade (a BL460c), it fails.
I've rebuilt the entire thing from the ground up, reinstalled W2K8 R2, re-added it to the domain, reset all admin passwords, updates, networks, etc.
It fails.

The first time I run "Validate a configuration wizard" I get the error:
"Failed to connect to the service manager on 'systemThree.domain.test'.

Occasionally I get the message:
"The computer 'systemThree' does not have Failover Clustering feature installed. Use Server Manager to install the feature on this computer."

But of course, Failover Clustering is installed, and I can actually set up the entire cluster from systemThree... except with these sort of communication errors it doesn't last long and usually corrupts any configured Virtuals I have running in Hyper-V.

All systems being clustered are BL460c units.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Thank you,