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Frozen Computer

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Frozen Computer

Everytime I plug my Ipod nano into my portable USB port my computer freezes. I have spent a lot of money on my Ipod and a lot of money trying to find ways to fix this problem. If anyone knows how to fix this, please help me. I think I have almost tried everything, but I am open to new ideas. Thank you!
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Re: Frozen Computer

Hi Carly,
Have you tried to put the IPOD on another system, to find out what causes the problem, the IPOD or the computer.

Futher a driverupdate for your system might fix the problem, go to www.hp.com/support/files and search for your model there, (select to find drivers above the search field)
Select your computer, then your OS, look for any USB driver (most do not have them) Also new chipsetdrivers could be wise to install.

If non of this works, post your model of laptop here, so the picture is a bit better.

PS. It is also wise to get all the updates for windows

Have a nice day,
HTH, Ronald
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Re: Frozen Computer

If you have no tried yet :
buy a POWERED USB HUB, often portable can't supply enough voltage. I already meet this several times.
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Re: Frozen Computer

My computer is a hp pavilion ze4800-model #ze4805us
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Re: Frozen Computer


I think we need to approch this in a systeamatic way.
01. Connect the iPod to another PC/Laptop (using the same cables)and make sure it is woking.
02. If it is fine, you can be dam sure that that issue is with PC.
03. Connect another USB Device to the same port, where you connect iPod to your computer and make sure that USB device is working.
04. What is very verion of USB interface on iPOde ? (i think it must be 2.0) Is your PC's USB and iPod's USB are of the same version ?
05. Try to disable all the other USB ports and deivces, and connect only iPode.(remove any other deivces like MODEM, Pritners, Web Cam etc)
06. Try to disable/remove any other programs in memeory (like Anti Virus, FireWall, etc..etc.etc...)
07. Stop or re-start the services like Removebale Storage etc..
Once you have done with all the above,start with the CMOS.
08. Is it configured for Plug & Play OS ? Try changing it
09. Try to disable/change ShadowMemroy etc..
10. How the interpets are being handled ?

You can alos try a power hub. But make sure that it is the casue, before you spend any more money.

All the best.


ps: thanks for the points, if any.
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Re: Frozen Computer

I have had that happen with USB thumb drives.

You need to update your USB drivers. Its neither the PC's fault nor the Ipods.

Normal problems with USB especially mixing USB 1.1 and 2.0. Also look at the requirements on the IPod.

Your PC homepage:

Your PC is USB 1.1 see specs:

You can always tell if you have USB 1.1 port on your PC because XP will tell you " "the connection would be fater if you used 2.0" when you plug a 2.0 device into the port.

Your drivers:



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