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GUID problems

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GUID problems

I have a couple of problems related to GUID's. I have laptops with the same GUID, and Desktops and laptops having a GUID of all O's or all F's.

I get the GUID info when I power on a LT or DT and hit F12. The network card's MAC address and the GUID info is listed on the screen.

I use a RIS server for imaging my Laptops and Desktops, and I pre-stage the units in active directory using the GUID, and a unique computer name.

Microsoft says that the GUID is created from the OS and various hardware components, but if you install a new Hard Drive in a PC, hit F12 on boot to get a image from a RIS server, it will display the GUID, but there is no OS on the Hard Drive yet!!!
New Member

Re: GUID problems

Hi John,
I have the same proble here in the RSA.
Do you have a resolution for this/.