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How rip music cds to mp3 without gaps between tracks?

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How rip music cds to mp3 without gaps between tracks?

On my XP PC, I use Win Media Player 11(WMP11) to rip cds to mp3 for use on my mp3 player. WMP11 is inserting gaps between tracks even when there is none on the cd (Beatles "Abbey Rd & Sgt Pep, for example). As a result, the musical transitions between tracks is lost. Years ago I remember there being a config setting in whatever I was using to record that allowed me to set the #secs gap between tracks. I assume there was also a "0" sec option. I can find no such setting in WMP11. Any suggestions?

Re: How rip music cds to mp3 without gaps between tracks?

Hmm. Looking through WMP11, I couldn't find anything either. I suspect, like a lot of software bundled with Windows, it's simply "good enough". If you want (advanced) features, you need to look at 3rd-party software.
In the past, I have used Exact Audio Copy. Takes a bit of work to get it running, but I liked the results.
Lately, I have been using iTunes (I like the playlists and podcast subscriptions). I'm listening to Abbey Road (which I ripped using iTunes) as I write this. One word: Gapless. :)

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