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How to block access to a tray

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How to block access to a tray

have an HP laserjet 4200 in an windows server 2003 environment.

I have two trays (plus the manual tray).

I want to reserve a tray for printing checks.
is there any way that I can block all users from using a partiular tray? Ideally I would like to set up two printers, one would be for normal use and block access to tray 2 on the print device. The second printer would be for printing checks and block access to tray 3.

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Re: How to block access to a tray

on the print server you can set the default tray (Advabced tab..Printing defaults) for the printer. Then you can add another port for the same printer and set it's default tray. At least that's what I do. I usually name my printers something like hplj4200_t2 (for tray2 printing) hplj4200_t3 (for tray 3 printing). Hop that helps