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how to disable cdrom and floopy and usb

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how to disable cdrom and floopy and usb

We have around 500 Zenith machines with INTEL 845GVSR original Motherboard.I want to disable cdrom,floopy and usb ports without removing the cables.If u disable in the BIOS also,it is working.Please tell me any other way to solve this problem.
Mahesh Gowda
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Re: how to disable cdrom and floopy and usb

Hello, Mahesh,

You can try the following - Before you do, be sure to export a copy of your Registry.

Start>Run>type in Regedit
Click on File
Click on Export
Type a Name in the File Name Box (Ex: RegBackup)
Under Export Range, check the All Button
Click on Save

Now you can edit the registry. Warning, if not comfortable working with registry, don't do it.

The key you want is at


in that key there is a value called "start" you want to change the value data of this from 3 to 4. this will disable all USB Storage devices from this machine. I believe you can create a Group Policy to use this. Also if you are really wishing to cripple the unit, you can disable USB Hubs. They are the the keys above USBSTOR (usbhub and usbhub20) this is done the same way. This makes it so you can not use a USB Hub on the machine also.

To Disable CD-Rom


Double Click on AutoRun and change the value to 0

This will stop it from automatically starting.

If you double click on start and change the Value to 0, it should disable it.

In the same Registry Tree,


Scroll down to FLPY Disk

Double click on Start and change the value to 4

I believe that's correct.

If you have Windows XP,

Start>Right Click on My Computer
Click on Manage
Click on Device Manager
Click the + next to CD-Rom
Select the sub-menu item by right clicking on that and click on disable

You can do the same with floppy.


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Re: how to disable cdrom and floopy and usb

You can't disable CDROM and Floopy Drive in BIOS settings. You can change through Registry settings. Follow the below steps u will get result.
Go to run command, type regedit than press enter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SYSTEM, Currentcontrol set,services, select cdrom and in right side chage the value of START 1 to 4. and chagne value AUTORUN VALUE 0 TO 1.
change value of START 3 TO 4

After Restart the system. U will get result
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Re: how to disable cdrom and floopy and usb

Hi Mahesh,

If you need to do that in 500 computers, then, do you think you could use a GPO to do this?

You can use the following .adm template here:

Then ADD the template at the GPO computer settings level and link it at the OU where the 500 computers are located at.
If they're not at the same OU, then just add an AD group with all these computers in it and set up Security filtering at the GPO. Link the GPO at an upper level that covers all the OUs these computers are at regardless of where the AD group object is.

As you more likely know, this will only change registry settings at the destination computers' Windows registry just like the other fellows said.

Hope it helps.