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how to reformat a harddisk (windows 95)

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how to reformat a harddisk (windows 95)

I am not so sure how to reformat a harddisk, with a back up. I also want to know how to make configurations properly. I need help desperately. Please reply if you know how to do it.
I need your help!
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Re: how to reformat a harddisk (windows 95)

You might want to repost this in the Microsoft portion of the forums. This is the HP-UX forums, and some of the folks that frequent this part hold windoze in some level of contempt.

To somewhat answer your question: Format a floppy disk and make sure you make it a bootable disk. Then find the format and fdisk programs and copy them to the floppy. Boot your machine from the floppy and the use the format program. This will reformat your hard drive, thus erasing everything on it. If there is anything you want to keep: BACK IT UP SOMEWHERE FIRST.
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Re: how to reformat a harddisk (windows 95)

Hey Tong,

I agree with the other reply. I am confused as to the phrasing of the question..."format with a backup."

If you want to reload the system, go to Start, Settings, Control panel...then the Add/Remove sftwr icon.

There is a tab on it to create a boot floppy. Make the boot floppy, and then restart the system to the floppy. You will come to a command prompt and you can use the following commands to format the systems, based on your needs ...

format c: /q
This is a quick format. Will rewite the master boot record and re-set all the sectors, but does not purge the data or check the drive.

format c: /u
Unconditional format. Purges the data from the hard drive.

format c: /u /c
Purges the data and checks for bad sectors and marks any it finds as unusuable.

format c: /s
Writes the system files to the hard drive. DO NOT use if you are installing 98.

Allows you to remove and recreate the partitions. Useful if you are trying to get rid a virus.

the switches /u /c /s can all be used together.
/q cannot be used with /u or /c.

Hope this helps!
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Re: how to reformat a harddisk (windows 95)

assumming you do not have windows working you can download the files to create most any bootdisk you want for whatever OS at www.bootdisk.com then boot your system with the disk in and it should boot to the A: drive assuming that is how your BIOS is setup.
to format the drive do as stated above

format c: use any options you need

the bootdisks at this site will allow cdrom access if needed also.