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How to update BIOS ?

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How to update BIOS ?

What is the procedure ?
Do I have to reinstall windows 2000 after update BIOS ?
I am thinking to update BIOS for OmniBook XW2-DC. Right now I already have windows 2000 on the PC. However, my cursor jumps around.
Thanks a lot.
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Re: How to update BIOS ?

When you update the system BIOS, you should never have to reinstall the OS. Updating the BIOS doesn't change the CPU or hardware base that was in the system when you did the install.

Now if the BIOS update installs new features that weren't available before, then you may have to update some drivers also, but windows will detect new "features" during the reboot and try to update what is appropiate.

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Re: How to update BIOS ?

Thanks for answering my puzzle.
Now what is the steps for updating BIOS ?
I know there is adc2k211.exe.
I am guessing the steps will be
(1) download to C drive
(2) execute this file
(3) now what is the next step ?
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Re: How to update BIOS ?


I assume that your model is actually XE2-DC, is that correct?

If so, go here to download the BIOS: http://h20004.www2.hp.com/soar_rnotes/bsdmatrix/matrix31647en_US.html
Click on the blue circle with the white 'i' in it (to the right of the file adc2k211.exe) and the first phase of BIOS upgrade instructions will be revealed.


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Re: How to update BIOS ?

This is the help that comes with it:

"This is a self-extracting compressed file with release 2.11 of the HP OmniBook XE2-DC and Pavilion N3XXX-DC Windows 2000 and Windows 98 BIOS. This BIOS supports Windows 2000 and Windows 98. Download the webpackage to the local default directory: C:\HPNOTEBOOK\BIOS and execute it. Read the "README.TXT" file for information on how to create the update floppy disk. For further information, see APPNOTE.TXT after creating the BIOS diskette."

This is a bit deceptive. You can download the file to any folder you want. I use the desktop since it's easy to find files there. Once it is saved on your PC you just open it by double clickiing and it will tell you it wants to save the file to C:\HPNOTEBOOK\BIOS. You just tell it OK.
Now using Windows Explorer, change to the \HPNOTEBOOK\BIOS folder and open the file BIOS.exe by double clicking.
It will want to create a floppy disk so put a fresh floppy in the A: drive. After it makes the floppy, remove the floppy and shutdown. Now just stick the floppy in and turn the power on. It will ask you if you are sure you want to do it. After that it just does its thing.

Here is the text from the readme file:


For HP Notebook PCs

This BIOS is for use with Windows 2000 and Windows 98 and is
not intended for any other operating systems.

This document includes
* Installing BIOS DC.M2.11 for Windows 2000 and Windows 98.

To Install the BIOS DC.M2.11 for Windows 2000 and Windows 98

Print out these instructions for reference during the

1. Double-click BIOS.EXE in the subdirectory
2. Insert a 1.44 MB floppy disk into drive A and click Next
to create a bootable BIOS floppy disk.
3. Boot the computer from this BIOS boot disk and follow
the directions on the screen.
4. After the BIOS update process is complete, reset the
computer by inserting a straightened paper clip into the
system-off button on the bottom of the Notebook PC. Check
the computer's documentation for the location of the
system-off button."

There are two things to remember when doing a BIOS update:
1. Use a fresh floppy.
2. Do not let the power go off or turn off the PC or reboot it while it is flashing the BIOS. It will make your PC (and you) very unhappy if you do. If you do not have a UPS at least pick a day when there is no rain, high winds or storm.

You should probably go into BIOS setup (F1 I expect) after you upgrade the BIOS and then Exit and Save your Changes even if you haven't made any. This lets the BIOS configure itself and any new parameters it may have.

There is a very long and scary .htm file which comes with the BIOS upgrade. It should not apply to you since you already have Win2K loaded.