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hp 8660 freezing up

New Member

hp 8660 freezing up

I recently bought an HP - model 8660 and it has frozen up 3 times in the last
month. Anything I can do to stop this from happening. The only way I can get
it to go again is to unplug it and re-plug it in.

Regular Advisor

Re: hp 8660 freezing up

Hello Joanne,

You didn't mention what Operating System you are running and there could be any
number of things causing your machine to lock up - hardware or software.
Without more specifics, I would suggest you post your question in the Pavilion
User Community Forum and they can start with the hardware first. You should
verify that all of your hardware is supported and installed correctly to
eliminate hardware problems first. If no hardware problems are found, you will
need to start looking at the software and applications you have installed.

Do you have a screen saver set up? Screen savers will frequently cause the
machine to lock up. If you don't find any hardware problems, you will need to
supply more information:
- Does the pc lock up when you are doing a specific action or does it lock up
when the pc is idle?
- What applications/versions are you running?
- What OS, version, and service pack level are you running?
- Do you have the latest drivers/versions installed?

I'll post the link to the Pavilion User Forum at the bottom of the page. You
should start with them and eliminate any hardware, BIOS, or driver issues
before proceeding.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
New Member

Re: hp 8660 freezing up

Hi J.
Been there, done that. I'm trying to remember to check my status bar. I THINK this have something to do with my freeze-ups.